As another week of steady afternoon storms goes by, the bite has been good. These steady rains are keeping the water temperatures in the low 80’s and that’s created a great early morning bite. This week we had good tides giving us good moving water that had all the usual players fired up. Redfish,snook,tarpon,pompano,and trout fishing remains good. There’s lots of options so having a plan will certainly give anglers a chance to catch multiple species in a four hour trip. typically the snook and tarpon are keyed in on bait along our beaches, however a few nice fish are being caught on artificial baits like the yo-zuris and DOA’s. Redfish have been moving around and if your lucky enough to see the baby mullet spraying, your where the big ones are. The redfish have taken lots of different things all week so using cut-bait, live-bait, top-water lures even bouncing jigs will get you one. Trout have been good size, mostly in the back-country and in a little shallower than normal, most likely because of the cooler water and bait schools working their way around the mangroves.