Tarpon are in the pass and getting the right scenario, will greatly help your cause.There are three basic ways of going after the silver king when fishing Boca Grande pass. Traditional fisherman use live bait, usually a Thread fin herring, Mahara, Pilchard and the occasional Menhaden. Using a simple lead weight on a 5 foot 60-80 lb leader made of fluorocarbon with a 5-o circle hook usually does the job. Another way of hooking up the silver king is with a jig. Usually these are 4-6 ounces in size and attached to a 7-o circle hook. The plastic tip that is attacked is usually about 4″ long and a variety of colors can be used. The final rigging that I love using the most is a simple small blue crab or pass crab. This method is often most effective during out going tides. Put your crab on a 5-o circle hook and free drift it among the fish, its a sure thing when the bite is on. Hope this helps you Tight Lines g.