This weekend I visited the Florida keys, an old stomping ground from my days living in South Dade county. I picked the worst week to try and catch a bonefish. Here’s this weeks keys report; It was terrible unless you like kite flying. I knew it was going to be brutal Friday am with winds pushing 20mph at 7am. Fishing in Biscayne bay on the feather beds, one of the premier destinations if you like giant bonefish action. I spent 4 hours trying all the tricks; chumming hard on the flat, on the flats edges, and in the deep water troughs near buy. $40 bucks in shrimp and 4 wind burned hours later we had nothing to show for it except houndfish and baby mangrove snapper. So off to Islamarada we went, where the wind only got worse. For two more days it was more of the same frustrating where’s the fish action. Finally a night trip to the old channel five bridge gave me something I’d been longing for the past two days. Here’s the catch, it got good at midnight with a few snapper, one snook and the grand finally of a local tarpon. So even though it was certainly one of the tougher trips I’ve had, it was still worth every minute. Tight lines