Throwing a few live baits out to see if anyone’s home will save you time and give you knowledge at the same time. When your out looking for those nice fish, sacrificing a few live baits to gain confidence in an area may be all you need to do. Finding an area that is worth fishing on any given day isn’t easy. Lets face it, fish move around and sometimes disappear. Taking your time on the water looking and testing areas is a must. Every angler has a few spots that they like to fish regardless. However when those areas don’t produce keep moving around and pay attention. Any time an angler fishes an area with a current rift or drop off, an opportunity to test the waters is there. Throw a few live baits in and see what happens. Cast a few artificial lures of different types and you never know. Once you find a pattern or depth your day may go from so so, to so good. Tight lines g