It’s remaining hot and we’ve had plenty of afternoon storms to make things sporty. Getting out as early as possible continues to be the best bet through July. Red fishing continues to be something you have to put time into, but there definitely there. Most redfish are being caught using artificial lures or cut baits along and around the mangrove edges. Snook fishing along the beaches has been good one day bad the next. Depending on wind directions we’ve had to deal with stringy algae that sticks to you line and lures making fishing tough. However when the waters clean fishings been good. Tarpon of the small variety, up to 80lbs are still hanging out in Estero bay and the adjacent areas of Sanibel and Pine Island. Trout, pompano, and even a few tripletail have been hanging around near shore so putting some time along the beaches and near the passes will give you plenty of action. Tight lines