As the weathers been fantastic, so has the fishing. There has been a lot of options with a very similar pattern to last year. Tarpon have been seen on the beaches and out to 80 feet of water happy to eat as they move South for the Winter. Snook fishing in the back bay and throughout Pine Island has been excellent on every tide using both live bait and artificial. We continue to have a good pompano bite along the beaches with a few showing up from time to time on the open flats. There’s also an abundance of bonita, kingfish, bluefish, and the occasional cobia swimming around so plenty to keep you busy when running around. Trout although small are available, we just didn’t find many big ones the last 2 weeks. Tripletail fishing was awesome for about a week, but its tapered off a bit as they got a lot of pressure with so many good days of weather. There’s been a few days we did a bit of red-fishing, however we didn’t get into them very good, but heck with everything else eating it didn’t matter.