It just depends on what your after as of late. Snook, tarpon, redfish, pompano, or trout are just a few of the species readily available the past week and a half. There has been a few slow days mixed in due to weather, poor tides, or winds, but overall its been quite nice. The juvenile tarpon continue to move around in both Estero bay, Hells Pickney, and Matlachee. The bites been fairly consistent early and hit or miss mid-afternoon. There’s even some nice fish in the 100 pound class working the beaches from Cayo Costa to Naples, but the juveniles are to much fun to miss. Most of the tarpon are in the 10-40 pound class with a few bigger ones mixed in. Redfish have certainly made there move in full force from the reefs, and are coming in strong. You’ll notice this time of the year that a lot of fish will be very silver, as they’ve been out in the cleaner water thus not picking up the tannin or bronze look. Snook of all sizes continue to work along our beaches and passes, with some pigs off Sanibel and Captiva still working their summer haunts. Most fish are eating live baits and fly’s during the day, but loving jigs worked near the bridges and adjacent shore lines at night. Trout continue to get a bit bigger as we move through the summer months and continue to be found over 3-5 feet of water on our sea-grass beds. The slowing of ┬ámassive water releases down the Caloosahatchee / Lake O dumping areas has helped that bite out considerably, but the damage long term in those areas is still to be determined. Tight Lines Capt G