Well its been a crazy few weeks both before and after hurricane Irma came through our area. Between pre-storm preparations, followed up with a week of cleaning up its been hectic. As we all deal with both massive power outages, blocked roads, and downed trees We’re coming back strong. So whats going on now? Estero bay looks surprising good as Irma moved just to the East of it sparing us from a massive storm surge. There is very little debris in the water, but there is some so you need to keep an eye out. Initially as the storm approached all of the water was sucked out of the bay as if a plug was pulled. Then as Irma went by it filled back in, plus 4 or 5 feet. The rivers and creeks that feed into the bay are still flooding out. The fresh water will continue to be dumping in for a few more weeks I’d think. The pass is deeper in some places than ever before and sand has moved from South to North in most areas. I’ve been able to get out twice this week and there’s both fish and bait available so if you need a break from all the craziness lets ride. I’m back in business and ready to fish again. Tight lines Capt Greg