002Proper handling of fish, big and small is a priority for all anglers that want an outstanding future for game fish! Understandably you want those awesome pictures. However look at it like this, a fish out of water is much like you underwater. So with that said, how long can you hold your breath without any issues; One, Two, maybe Three minutes is the average for most of us. By keeping this in mind and acting appropriately you can still get that awesome picture and also make sure that hog you just caught gets back to making more just like him. As a general rule keeping the fish in the water while you fumble around looking for your camera is a must. Take your pictures and then make sure you revive that fish till it’s ready for release. I’m a huge advocate of making sure that one spends time to ensure the fish will swim away fine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent five to ten minutes moving a fish back and forth till I know its ready to go. Some big fish will require that you put the boat in gear and allow water to flow across the gills for several minutes. The bottom line is make sure that trophy is good to go, so it can be caught again. Tight lines g