After catching and releasing 24 snook yesterday morning. My charter popped the question. ” If so many snook are being caught, why can’t there be a season?” Well here’s my response. 3 years ago the big freeze decimated the snook population to utter extinction, thus we would see no snook anywhere. One year later we started catching little guys here and there and an occasional 20″ fish. Two years into it we would find areas here and there where we would catch 20 to 30 snook on a good day, but nothing over the 27″ mark. Now finally this year, catching a slot size fish between 27″-33″ is really no problem, in fact there abundant and very healthy. So why no snook season then? Its like this; right now yes we can catch slot size snook, but opening the season this following year will not allow,  those close to breeding fish i.e. 34″ plus,  to become the breeders. An open season would lead to so many almost breeder fish  becoming  someones dinner instead. So give it another year of closed season and let these fish breed so things get back to how they used to be. Which I should remind you was great. tight lines