075Rigging yourself up with the proper equipment and set up is crucial in getting a trophy snook to your boat. Often a beginner will be able to find some bait and find some big snook hanging out in an area. However when that hog decides to eat, what you already have in place may be the deciding factor. There’s nothing worse than having a trophy fish on and loosing what would have been your biggest fish ever. So with that said be prepared to catch and take a picture of that fish, verse just telling a story about the big one that got away. Here is what I would suggest. First make sure you have a rod that can deal with a 20# monster that wants to run in and out of structure and mangroves. I use a 15-30 pound class rod that can handle a lure or bait in the 2oz class. When deciding what line you will use I recommend 40# braid. This will give you the backbone and abrasion resistance you will need.Finally use 4 feet of at least 40# leader. Sometimes I’ll go as low as 30# but that’s pushing it. To finish it off I usually use 4-0 or 5-0 circle hook usually owners since you get what you pay for. So get that hog to the boat by planning to be successful. Tight lines g