As Spring has sprung it’s time to get serious about what your going to target and when your going to do it. Everything is in play, and now that the water temperature is staying in the 70’s the pufferfish bite has been excellent, fish up to 12 inches in radius have been caught usually on a popping cork and shrimp with a #4 hook. The key is to wait till your cork bobs up and down 10 times then start reeling. Robin fish have been thick in the passes as long as you are patient, try to drag a 1/4 oz jig tipped with shrimp as slow as possible along the sandy bottom. Lizardfish are also moving in near passes and along beach shorelines use the same technic as the robin fish just lighten your leader a bit, as to not scare them off. Estero bay bonefish bite is on fire, most fish have been taken on 8wt fly rods using a small eire dearie. A few Spanish dancers have been caught on windy days but there spawn has not yet begun. Oh and there’s a bunch of side catches like Snook, Redfish, Permit, Trout and Tarpon if your into that stuff. April Fools! Capt Greg