It’s been a busy few weeks and fishing been good. Yes there’s been a few challenging days here and there, but lets face it its’s the dead of Winter here in South West Florida and we to have to struggle through mid 50 weather for a few hours as well. In all seriousness though we’ve had some beautiful flat calm days that produced lots of different opportunities. Triple-tail fishing has been excellent this year with lots of 10-15lb fish being caught. The biggest we’ve taken so far in 2017 is 26lbs, so there’s some big fish out there. Sheepshead fishing continues to be great both offshore and inshore. Sheepshead have been fat and are in full spawn, so targeting them is a great way to put meat in the cooler right now. Redfish haven’t been in a great mode as of late, but with that said we’re getting a few. Ironically we’re catching lots of snook varying from 12″ to 25″ throughout Estero bay along with jacks and trout. The waters staying warm enough to make me think Spring will be here much earlier this year. Tarpon are still around so with no big fronts dropping our water temperatures drastically, they should stay. The fact that the tarpon never really left says its going to a great Spring!