What Should I Bring Along?

Sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.  Polarized sunglasses are also important to see through the water and cut through the glare of the sun. I can tell you where they are, but if you can see them you’ll be much better off. Bring any food or drink you want. If you would like to stop to eat on the water that can be arranged at a minimal cost addition. We can go to a variety of waterfront restaurants or pull up to the beach and set up a picnic.

One important note:  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY GLASS.

How Many People?


Can I Bring My Own Rod?

Sure, medium to heavy with a fast tip is recommended. Let me know what you intend to bring so we can make sure it’s enough to handle a big fish. Fly fishermen, I understand you may want to bring along your favorite rod, just be sure to mention this to me when booking the trip so that I can be sure the weight of the rod is suitable.