One of my favorite search techniques is called” walking the dog”. It takes a bit of practice, but once learned it becomes a result getter for anglers. This technique allows you to cover vast amounts of water quickly. The side to side action that you can create, seems to entice a reaction strike on cold slow days, and hook ups on the good ones. Be ready though sometimes the strikes are so violent you practically jump out of your shoes! It’s quite startling. Here’s the key,  Do Not Stop Working The Lure when it gets hit or is being followed. The constant action will keep that fish entertained until it decides to devour it.  Often the fish will miss it, So keep it going! Don’t set the hook and see how well this technique can work for you.  There are many ways of working the ” Walking Dog ” but a steady consistent retrieve often is the best of show. So get out and walk the dog. Tight lines