(about the species & area water)

Although many anglers just enjoy catching what is available, some anglers are looking for that certain fish or experience. Our charters include  back country and near shore fishing so if you have a wish list we should talk I don’t mind poling, chumming, scouting or doing whatever it takes to get it done. We also do shelling, dolphin watching, ecotours or just sightseeing while island hoping.

Snook Charters: Snook are here almost all year long, with April-December being the best time for them. The snook is known for its hard hits, jumps, ridiculous runs and its canning ability to find any structure to break you off on. Snook are a challenge and some previous fishing experience  is a good thing when targeting these.

Redfish: Redfish are a staple for us and can be found all year long. The redfish hits and takes a powerful run, quiet often they school up with other Reds making for some exciting times. Its like this they taste great and are a blast to catch.

Tarpon: The silver king is like no other, we do have them year round but May-November are the target months. Tarpon are one of the most spectacular fighters out there, with dramatic jumps and surging runs. To hook one is great to land one means you’ve done something. If  you want constant action this ones not for you.

Trout: Trout are here all year long and really show up as our temperatures cool off. Many anglers like catching them for the constant action and good table fair.

Triple tail: Triple tail are here all year long they come and go from time to time, but when there here we should go. Triple tail are just different they sometimes jump or greyhound across the water, and they never give up.  I have to say there one of my favorite and many anglers enjoy them for their table fair, as do I.

Permit: Permit is a run and gun approach, sometimes they are there sometimes they’re not. If you are a serious angler and want to give it a go, then we’ll talk first about it and see how things pan out. Permit are amazing with there runs, and quite often we chase them all over so we don’t get spooled. This is not for the first timer and if your interested then I’m in because there is nothing like a good day of Permit fishing.

Shelling: Shelling is one of the most popular things to do on Sanibel or Cayo Costa the area is famous for its fabulous shelling do it with some lunch or dinner in there and its an experience you will not forget.

Ecotours / Sightseeing / Dolphin watching / Sunsets: We have an amazing amount of wildlife in our area. Weather its birds like Herons, Pelicans or egrets, Manatees or Dolphins we’ve gott’em and lots of them. In a flats boat we can get in where there knees are getting wet so jump on and enjoy the paradise called South West Florida, its something special!