Paying attention to things can turn a slow day into a fun one. Yes its true they call it fishing and not catching for a reason. Some days it just doesn’t pan out as you thought it would so you start looking for any fish, not specific fish. One of the strongest fighters out there quite often will let you know right where you should be fishing. Its not uncommon to see pushes of water that will look like a bunch of small waves running down a shore line, or if your lucky bait spraying through the air trying to dodge from becoming someones dinner. Jack Crevalle are not only awesome fighters, but very aggressive! Jacks will eat about anything that moves and swim in schools that will decimate anything in there way. There a great fish to catch on jigs or artificial lures as well as live baits of all types. You will find Jacks all year long and it’s not uncommon to catch them in the 10# class, so tight lines