With over a week of winds pushing hard from the North East it took awhile for the water to get back into Estero bay, but when it did the fish were biting. Redfishing although not stellar still worked out when soaking cut baits and shrimp on jigs around mangrove shorelines and oyster bars. Trout fishing was better on the Pineisland flats rather than in Estero, and targeting them in the 3-5 foot range worked best. Snook took a small hiatus until water temperatures started to climb back up to the low 80’s again, triggering them to get back on the bite. Most snook were caught on live baits this week that was plentiful with a short trip off the beaches. The local passes continue to harbor pompano, bluefish, and lady fish rather regularly as long as the water was moving in or out. We didn’t get much time to go nearshore with the winds, but if you have the right boat to do it, with all the bait moving south there’s bound to be plenty of action in the deeper waters.