Fishing this week with a cold front and winds blowing 20+, I asked one of my regular charters to wait a few days so we can have a great day and not a tough one. Well after one day of waiting he was set on going out and seeing what would happen, regardless of the results. No we didn’t have a stellar day but honestly it wasn’t that bad. Which brings me to wonder how long will the cold front and its pressure and water temperature changes shut the bite down. Well in this weeks cold front it was about a 2 day bite shutdown. Late in the afternoon 2 days post front they started chewing again.Now we did have a 20 degree temperature change, and by day 2 we where about 10 degrees less than where we originally started pre-front. However the key there is when does the pressure start dropping again on the mean. If you check out your favorite weather site, mine being underground weather they will give you a daily, weekly, and monthly pressure chart. Use it to your advantage and you will see the pattern changing from an upward climbing pressure to a falling one. When you have falling pressure the fish are more likely to start chewing again. Good luck and tight lines.